January Week 3 Meal Plan

January 16, 2020

January Week 3 Meal Plan


Keeping it Budget Friendly;

January Week 3 Meal Plan

January Meal Plan Week 3 is here and this week I’m keeping it Budget friendly.  As we started to return to our normal routines at work and school, I needed to get back into Meal Planning.  We were coming to the end of what seemed like endless amounts of sweet and savoury treats,  but I realized,  I have a LOT of food in the house.   LIKE A LOT!

Using the stock pile

As I scanned the pantry and freezer and fridges (yes, I have 2), I decided I wanted to do a self imposed Meal Planning Budget challenge.   This would help me work through the stockpile AND save me money at the grocery store.  Who doesn’t want to reduce their grocery bill?  Ummmm… not me.    While I didn’t set a goal for how much I wanted to save, I did decide I would use the stockpile as inspiration for what I would cook until the end of January.

Meal Planning Inspiration

Staying on track can sometimes be a challenge.  Meal Planning has so many things that affect it.  Work schedules, school schedules, extra curricular activities, dietary restrictions and of course what’s in the stockpile.   Then you add in all the great looking and sounding recipes on Pinterest and suddenly it’s all just overwhelming.   That’s where these weekly Meal Plans help.

Weekly Meal Planning help

Every week in 2020 I’ll be sharing my families Meal Plan for the week, along with a Facebook Live event to show you how I get some of it done.   I’ll also share a soup or a snack or some lunch meal prep too.  I normally commit 2 hours on a Sunday to make the rest of the week that much smoother.    It’s not always pretty,  I sometimes run late or change the menu, but it’s always fun, and we always eat well.  Join me.

Because every family is different, we have added the ability for you to create your own Meal Plans from the recipes on the Love on a Plate website.  It’s FREE and it’s easy.  You register on the main page and then you’ll have access to the tools.  That’s it.  You’ll get one newsletter a week with the Meal Plan, all my new recipes, and that’s it.  Okay, wait, that’s not it.  You also get access to all the Meal Planning Printables, and you’ll be able to generate grocery lists too.  That’s it. Honest.


  • Make you own meal plan
  • Create grocery lists
  • Access all the Meal Planning Printables
  • Access the 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge

We also have a YUM button if you use Yummly if you want to save your recipes there.  It’s over on the side bar.

Join our Love on a Plate Facebook community where we share all things food and family.   I can’t wait to meet you!

January Meal Plan Week 3

Free Meal Plans with family friendly recipes that will help you avoid dinner time stress. Tried and true recipes with unique twists and international flavours to avoid dinner time boredom. Join us weekly on the blog and in our Facebook community for always free Meal Planning tips, tricks and advice. Share your favorites, find new recipes to try and have some fun. You'll save time, money and stress while feeding your family home cooked meals everyone will love.

Find all my weekly meal plans -> ->  CLICK HERE  <- <-

Do you find yourself asking “What’s for Dinner”? We have the Answer! 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge which uses my unique Pick and Choose Meal Planning system. 
With the printable inspiration sheet, you aren’t committed to specific recipes. Instead you get prompts that help you stay inspired to keep Meal Planning. Pick and Choose from categories, and use our recommended recipes along with your own.   
Join our Love on a Plate Facebook community to make sure you never miss out on any of the new recipes. Watch our Quick Cook Videos, get Meal Planning Tips, and fabulous recipes you’re going to love. Prefer YouTube? We have a channel!
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