Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes

July 4, 2019

Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes


Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes

If you are looking for a quick, easy, but super impressive dessert for an upcoming party or celebration?  This is the recipe for you!  Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes combine store bought ingredients to create a fun and delicious dessert in a hurry.    The ingredients are easily accessible and this makes an impressive but budget friendly treat.   Change the Ice Cream flavour, the syrups, add whipped cream… there are so many possibilities here!   PIN this now, so you have it handy next time you need dessert in a hurry!


  • Brownie Mix
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Melts
  • Sprinkles
  • Ice Cream syrup

The waffle bowls are prepaheadable!  Make the bowl with decorated rims  & the brownies up to 3 days before you need them and store in an airtight container.  All you need to do is assemble on event day, or make it a build your own Sundae Bar with choices of Ice Cream Syrups and sprinkles.  EASY  FESTIVE FUN food.


A waffle bowl rimmed with chocolate, and sprinkles, filled with a brownie, vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, more sprinkles and a maraschino cherry

Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes

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  • 1 boxed brownie mix prepared
  • 1 package waffle bowls
  • 1 package melting chocolate
  • 1 package vanilla ice cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Cherries


  • Prepare brownies according to package instructions and cut out round pieces to fit inside a waffle bowl using a cookie cutter. Tip: make sure the brownies are under-baked. Overcooked brownies will make eating the sundae difficult to eat without breaking the waffle bowl.
  • Prepare the waffle bowls by melting the chocolate according to package instructions. Place the melted chocolate in a shallow bowl that is wide enough to dip the top of the waffle bowls in. Dip each bowl into the melted chocolate and sprinkle sprinkles around the edge while the chocolate is still warm. Set the bowls aside to allow the chocolate to set.
  • When the chocolate on the bowl has hardened, place the round brownie pieces inside each bowl.
  • Top the brownie with a scoop of ice cream. Drizzle chocolate syrup over the ice cream and top with additional sprinkles and a cherry.
    Small waffle bowl, with freshly baked brownie, topped with ice cream, fudge syrup, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry


Want to make your own flavoured Ice Cream?   Try my No Churn Tropical Ice Cream, just a few ingredients and a 4 hours (or overnight) in the freezer and you are good to go!  I love that you can make any flavour you like…. or divide the recipe in half and make 2 different flavours if you want.


Tropical No Churn Ice Cream
No Churn Tropical Ice Cream


If Ice Cream isn’t you’re think, but you still want a quick, summer friendly, no bake dessert, I think you will LOVE my No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake


No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake


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