30 Day Meal Planning Challenge; Getting Started

September 28, 2019

30 Day Meal Planning Challenge; Getting Started


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30 Day Meal Planning; Launch Day!


I’ve been working on this project for so long, I can’t believe today is THE DAY!   The day we start the 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge and I can’t wait.  Answering the question What’s for Dinner is one that I’ve had for years.   When I was single, married, with 3 kids under 5 who are now 3 teenage boys.  On days when I feed 10, which is often, no matter who you are, I’ll bet you ask yourself this at least a few times a week too!

Over the years I’ve tried all kind of meal planning systems, I’m addicted to Pinterest, and cookbooks, Food TV, and Youtube, but sometimes it’s overwhelming.  I’ve tried email subscritions, build your own subscriptions, freezer cooking, Meal Prepping, OAMC…. I’ve tried it all, and honestly, they all work.  For a while.  And then life changes, or we miss our family favourites, and I stop.   



And then we use what we have, until that runs out, and then, yup, we get into eating out, or lots of frozen pizzas.  It gets old fast.    So for me, what I knew what that I would always use some sort of meal planning system, but then, I needed something that I could use to motivate me when I fell out of routine. 

That’s what the 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge is about.   Answering the QUESTION?:  What’s for Dinner?   

If you are already subscribed to the 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge you already have access to the printables.    Just click over to the PRINTABLES PAGE and download the pdf files now.   You’ll need to be logged into the website to access them.   

If you haven’t subscribed yet,  Join Here for FREE!   You can get all the details about the 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge here. 

We’re also sharing lots of treats and bonuses on our various Social Media Channels.  Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest so be sure to sign up for those!  

Share photo’s of your meals on the Love on a Plate Community Group and we will have random weekly draws for prizes!   I told you this would be fun. 

And it wouldn’t be a post from me without sharing a great recipes, so here’s one that I think you are going to love!  Refrigerator Bran Muffins, Oh, you want to make these. 


Baked Refrigerator Bran Muffins









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