Meal Planning Comfort Food

October 16, 2019

Meal Planning Comfort Food


Meal Planning Comfort Food 


Meal Planning Comfort food recipes are often the ones that you will use the most often in your menu rotation.   Comfort food looks different to everyone, for many it’s a dish from their childhood, others, something with regional flavors you love and honestly,  it almost always involves pasta, cream or cheese or all three!   I also think that comfort food is usually not complicated to make, and that everyone, even the picky eaters will eat, and it makes good leftovers.    I think we can all agree that these are great qualities when it comes to Meal Planning, and the recipes in this collection meet this criteria.

  • Cheesy or Creamy (or both)
  • Easy to prepare
  • Reheats well
  • Picky eater friendly


Now that we’ve sort of defined what comfort foods are, let’s be honest, they can also tend to be a little on the heavy side.  I highly recommend planning on rounding out your meal with a crisp salad, or a platter of cut vegetables & dip as a side.   A nice fruit salad or platter to finish the meal would be a fantastic finish.    Any leftovers can be packed up for healthy grab and go snacks. 


TIP:  Make comfort food recipes earlier in the week, and then pre-portion out the leftovers into individual servings for great lunches or easy to reheat grab and go meals on super busy nights.  



Meal Planning; Comfort Food recipes

Do you find yourself asking “What’s for Dinner”?   We have the Answer!   Our 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge introduces our  Pick and Choose Meal Planning System.  With this sheet and just a few minutes you can easily create your Weekly Meal Plan, avoid menu planning boredom and get inspired to try some new recipes.    Get all the information on how to get started with my easy Meal Planning system and printable for free here. 



For more great recipes, meal plans, LIVE streamed Quick Cook and Meal Prep Video’s plus so much more, join the Love on a Plate community now.    We also have a YouTube channel  Be sure to subscribe to get access to some amazing exclusive content. 


We’d love to know what you think of these recipes if you try them!  Share a picture on IG using #loveonaplate,  Post your picture on the Love on A Plate group, leave a Comment or Rating below.  I think you get the picture!  We want to hear from you.


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